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Healing from self sabotage with testimony.

I lack the ability to sleep over 5 hours unless you’re in the bed with me


So come back to bed.

Give abundantly 
Your love 
Your focus 
Your participation is required for change. 
Love is most like 
Give and take 
With the exception 
Of one not out weighing the other, 
Love is the universal balance of existing. 
When you remove love from small parts of you 
It allows your pieces to float further away from you. 
You start to make a mess bleeding over everything, 
Slowly tinkering down to diminishes 
Nothing is bonded by water 
Unless it’s frozen 
And what is kept safe 
Does not yield the chance to grow 

When you go to give someone your heart & you find nothing but crumbs are left, don’t apologize. Just know the one who understands, deserves